Steve and Debbie Wilson’s heart beats for stronger healthier marriages. In 1990, their marriage fell apart. With God’s intervention and his promise,” that what He began, he will complete” Phil 1:6, they worked their way back stronger than ever. It totally changed their passion and journey. After four years of working towards a great marriage, God impressed them to began sharing what God had done and how he could help every marriage. Thus they began teaching marriage conferences around the nation. They are sought out speakers and love every opportunity to share with churches of all sizes, ministers and wives, corporations, and any situation God brings into their path. They speak to all denominations and in all different settings.

Steve and Debbie have been married 42 years. Steve has his Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family counseling and Debbie has her BA in Psychology. They have 3 grown children,two daughter in laws and a son in law and 6 incredible grandchildren. Family is a major priority in their lives and they love sharing their story and experiences of their life and family.

Twenty five years ago they developed their first conference which deals with the things that were biting their marriage. Everyday issues that drained the life out of their relationship. It is called the Six Mosquitoes, which has now been revised and enhanced, adding two more issues (Mosquitoes). They have written a book on this and is available on this website.

Secondly, God taught them how to communicate beyond surface issues to the heart. The conference titled “Communication: The Missing Piece” teaches couples to take the Six Steps to Communicate at such a level that they are emotionally married. Their second book was written a few years ago on this subject.

Steve and Debbie have multiple topics to speak on in any setting you desire. Great Friday Night Date Night, Sunday morning Bible study group or of course a full conference which entails 4-5 hours of speaking normally split into 2 days. Topics available are Parenting with Purpose, Ten Promises to Your Spouse, Eight Actions that Derail Marriages etc. Feel Free to contact us and discuss any options.

You can book Steve and Debbie by contacting them at Marriagemattersnow@gmail or at 318-469-2438.


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